Full of Pride?



Hi all,

Ever had nights when restlessness gets the better of you? You try to sleep but find yourself tossing about in bed with unease. You try to distract yourself and tire your eyes by staring at social media posts but the restlessness grows into a more throbbing force at the back of your mind, pleading with you to be let out.

Well, today I had such a night.

I was fascinated by an abstract that I read earlier this morning about humility. Think of the mind as a cup and knowledge we receive, as the contents of the cup.

Humility enables us to keep our cups (minds) slightly empty so that we have SPACE to take in learning points from the world around us.

Pride, on the other hand, results in our cups brimming to their full capacity.

We become too sure of our preconceived notions, letting useful ideas whir past quickly because our mind is too full of itself.  This results is a harmful stagnancy which is in opposition to an ever changing world around us.

Here is a poem borne out of my reflection on Humility and Pride, entitled ‘Full fool’.

‘Full fool’

Full to the brim as your

failure seems obscure and you

are filled with

Conceit-that penchant puff you lost yourself in yet

nettle and simmer that uncontrollable buzz. It

strikes but pardons you not.

Grinds your

guts— jolly good guts you pride so hard over the


Rainbow where demise lies as your

pallid reflection stares at you

sinking in

Defeat-weak yet propping up on a

mantle that breaks but brotherhood is a

travesty that bites you in the back,

my dearest fool,

too full you have been.

(14th November, 2014)




(Photo credits: I cannot remember where I found this artistic picture but I do not own any rights to it)


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