Freedom Cage


Painting entitled ‘Caged’ by Alla Parsons

Hi there everyone,

Today was just one of those days when I felt as if my freedom had been suppressed. Suppressed because I was worrying too much about people who meant very much to me. I let their worries and pain reside within me and felt strangled by my inability to breathe and think freely as a result.

Every time I wanted to do something for myself, my mind would take a U-turn and I ended up staring directly at the needs of others, telling myself,

“Forget it. You shouldn’t do that for yourself or subject A and B would get mad and this would in turn, worry subject C”

This made me deeply upset as I questioned myself if I was living my life or if I was living my life entirely for others. I had to find a healthy balance between helping others and helping myself.

Here is a poem borne out of my conflicting thoughts. Hope you enjoy it!

Freedom Cage

In My cage—

Your cluttering mouldy words occupy far too much of space. They

morph into ugly leeches that suck on my sanity

But you cannot rob me of my peace—as you sneakily carry it

under your arms, reality knives down upon your squalid self.

This cage, in which hurt carpets the ground,

belongs to me:

Hold that Thief in—I will say to the Gates

Realizing that Control,

is ultimately


(15th November 2014)




4 thoughts on “Freedom Cage

  1. How do you see the thoughts of others without allowing them to influence or become your thoughts as well? In other words, keep them from infiltrating your emotions and feelings associated with their thoughts?

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  2. Good question! 🙂 Honestly, it is inevitable that the thoughts of others will indeed stir my emotions and become a part of my web of thoughts.
    However, it is absolutely crucial that I stand healthily and strongly rooted in my beliefs ( Spending time to reflect and be proud of our unique identities, helps ) so that the way in which I perceive the thoughts of others, will not harm me. Rather, their thoughts will PROVOKE my thoughts which in turn, is great for personal development!

    Hopefully, that makes sense? haha


  3. Powerful words! I often feel this way as well. I care too much about the people around me, and I sometimes put myself last. I think it can be human nature!

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