My sister’s face

A painting by LiFeng

A painting by LiFeng

Hi reader,

Today, I was reflecting on how it is common for siblings to compare themselves against one another–be it with their achievements, looks, amount of attention received from their parents. The list goes on.

This sort of comparison might be something that many of you experience on a daily basis but it holds a special significance in my heart.The past few years, I have witnessed such comparisons turn into an obsession that eventually spirals out of control and ends painfully.

Here is a poem entitled ‘my sister’s Face’, that encourages siblings to turn away from a mindset of constant comparison and to embrace the innate bond among one another–a bond whispered into existence by the universe, and enkindled by birth.

‘my sister’s Face’


Warm, salty water made an uncontrollable gush and flow it did–

it made a mess on my face. A mess might be better:

scar, burn and disfigure this surface so I could get just one


Born of the same womb that housed our genesis,

our dissimilar faces now force you to depart

Why let our hearts be set on an exodus?

When you know that setting your face against mine invokes an

unhealthy obsession–it sets loose a dark


Do not shrug as I press my palm upon your shoulder– Feel

the burrowing bond of our sisterly love that heals a

woman’s narcissistic plight.

(17th November 2014)

Hope that poem wasn’t too hard on you and that you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading. Feel free to share your comments or experiences with me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Until the next post,



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