India–A Colourful Canvas

Namaste dearest readers,

This was in no way an adventerous trip that I took. These photos were taken in 2012 during a 2-day stop at Chennai. As I was looking through my old photo albums, I thought that it would be nice that I could share these moments with you.

These photos are not of fabulous skyscrapers or towering monuments of excellence. They are about everyday people and reflect a raw essence of reality that is often masked by our materialistic pursuits. I hope you enjoy the colourful spectacle produced by these photos and that your emotions are moved by the warmth radiating from the organic display of everyday life in India.

According to Uncle Bhaskar’s words,

The people make the photos come alive.





6 thoughts on “India–A Colourful Canvas

    • Hi Dilip! Well, those are just pictures from a small part of that one city–a city out of numerous many other cities that make up the absolutely fascinating country of India. Thank you for your comments by the way:)


    • I spent an extremely short time in that small city of Chennai. Besides, these photos were taken during my brief walk outdoors as i spent most of the time dealing with other matters in concrete buildings sadly. However, I have much more to share on Ladakh, India. I will post photographs and a commentary on that place in the future!


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