The poem that unchained me

Dear readers,

Hopefully, your day has found you well.

When I first started writing poems again after 10 years, this was the poem that launched the string of other poems.

I have to admit that it was difficult for me to start writing after a long time.

After having studied literature and gaining much knowledge through that, I felt constrained by the ‘rules’ of producing excellent poetry.  I found it suffocating to write because I found myself ‘overthinking’ and this somehow restricted my freedom of expression.

One day, I simply got inspired by excellent poetry that I had read belonging to a friend of mine. During a ride home in my dad’s car one Sunday night, I felt a burgeoning need to express my repressed self so I took out my mobile phone and typed this poem out.

I couldn’t wait any longer to find a perfect time or a convenient piece of paper and pen to comfortably write.

So, I did it.

I wrote my first poem after ten years, on November 9, 2014. 

‘a bit of all’

coldly contained beneath a permeable void
silently shuddering, shhhh be still.
But penetrating the emptiness is the unseen,
so shrill it thrills with a shuck

shuck shuck Shuck : Hark I Cry,
those shouting hands and they call
to be saved yet they fall
to their fate: recall
a story, that will

Hopefully, you enjoyed the poem. If you have been holding back from writing for any such reasons or for the fact that you think you aren’t good enough, I urge you to get rid of those crazy thoughts–to set yourself free from your repressed emotions and just write.

There are no rules to expression.




8 thoughts on “The poem that unchained me

  1. Very free and flowing writing. Sometimes I feel so much of my work is not done correctly, I am not educated I just write from the heart and what comes to mind. So I appreciate peoples comments. I liked it when you said there are no rules to writing.


    • Hi!

      I believe that education is not really a good measure to aid in one’s understanding of a complete person. It really isn’t. Educated or not, each one of us has so much to learn from one another. Expression shouldn’t be constrained by one’s level of education. I love that you write from your heart and instinct! That is when the work really reaches out to anyone because it is raw and completely honest.
      Yes, there are absolutely no rules to writing:)
      Please share more of your writings with us!!

      Thank you for your lovely comments:)


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