She is Colourful

A painting by Danny O Connor

A painting by Danny O Connor


Hi Reader,

It is raining very heavily here in Singapore this afternoon. I am snuggled up indoors on an extremely comfortable couch, and happy to be writing about a topic that has resided within my reflective sphere for pretty much most of my life.

This post, that is supported with a poem, particularly focuses on embracing the strange traits that make you special, not strangely freakish— the traits that make you glow with a significant radiance, not struggle like a fish out of water.

This can be particularly difficult if you decide to question ‘convention’ and at times, go against it.

Convention is a mere repetition of familiar routines. How.. comfortable and safe but incredibly boring. It would have been very challenging for inventions to have been borne out of the repetitive routine of following conventions.

An invention is after all, something new—not something familiar!


The last thing each one of us is, is a repetitive image of one another.

Each one us is so unique. Though we share similar attributes, just think of the unique and rich combination of different experiences and genetic traits that every special human being is blessed with.

By embracing our peculiar traits, and contributing our special differences to society, we are helping to build a more diverse and multi-faceted society.

Once again, I urge you to embrace the differences that cause you to stand out from society. Don’t lose that special inner light that radiates from within you by conforming to the dark and nullifying conventions of society.

Be proud of your unique self. Then, you might just find yourself attracting a group of people who are just as unique as you!

At least, this is what I feel.

So, here is a short and slightly quirky poem that I had quite a bit of fun writing.


‘She is Colourful’

Like a purple broccoli shining in a stack of green,

She embraced her alien self gone against all

Human rationale.

One eye

orange like a nectarine and

the other eye neutral,

Untouched by make-up.


She stood. Fluorescent:

A walking Circus? No, but a

Stunning Spectacle–

O’ Behold!


With Love,



4 thoughts on “She is Colourful

    • I am very happy that you liked it! At first, I was slightly nervous for using the idea of vegetables to draw a comparison but I couldn’t stop thinking of the visual imagery and just had to pen down what was blinking so brightly in my mind!
      Thank you!


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