Living made Easy.

Hi everyone!


Life can get really complicated at times.

One day(a couple of years ago),  I was speaking to a friend of mine and he told me,

” Life is actually really simple. Don’t make it complicated”.

Now, that struck me hard. I thought very much about his sentence and decided that I’d simplify the way I lived life. Ever since that day, I decided to focus on especially two important life principles that I deem to be incredibly important in deriving true happiness.

Here are my 2 main life principles!

1. Learn something new every day.

This photo was taken in Ladakh, India as I was walking with another friend of mine, reflecting on life and appreciating the beauty of nature

This photo was taken in Ladakh, India as I was walking with another friend of mine, reflecting on life and appreciating the beauty of nature

I believe that when one gains more knowledge, he or she realizes the true extent of their nothingness.  The more knowledge I gain, I realize that there is so much more that I don’t know!!

Being too comfortable and satisfied with the amount of knowledge that you have is the most harmful mindset that one can develop. Living is all about learning.

A child learns from a parent and a parent can learn from a child. In fact, we can all learn from one another, regardless of our level of education and status.  We also learn from the flaws of one another!

Whether it is listening to the news, learning a new word from the dictionary, picking up a new hobby or figuring out why the sky appears to be blue–you are still learning!! And, that is great!

I tell myself that the things I choose to do every day better be worthwhile because when the day is gone, I am never going to get it back! Now, that is one day of my life that has been sacrificed forever. So, I better make the best use of that day.

Easier said than doing. Yes, I fail. In fact, I have failed too many times to even be able to count how many times I have failed!

But, I believe that the nature of a human is to err and having strength and resilience is all about picking myself up and carrying on with life, attempting to try harder.

So, learn. Enrich yourself and others will be enriched by you!

2. Give to others in one way or another daily.

Giving with love, always brings joy--whether you choose to accept it or not.

Giving with love, always brings joy–whether you choose to accept it or not.

Giving to others doesn’t mean donating food or money to them. That would be an absolutely ridiculous definition.

When I say giving, I mean giving hope to others by an honest smile, giving comfort to another by listening to their problems or giving motivation to another perhaps by texting them with an encouraging quote/picture?

When you give your love, genuine concern and help to others, you truly do receive help when you are in need. My life has been a living testimony of that.

But, it is silly to give just to receive.

It is part of human nature to exist within communities and rely on community! We need one another. Why did we even learn to communicate to begin with? Communication facilitated the formation of communities. Many religions build their foundation in communities. Even the law is formed when a community agrees on a particular subject.

If life was just a one man’s show, it wouldn’t be life to begin with. It would be a complete delusion that you are trapped in.

So, think about it. Give. The fulfillment you get from enlightening the heart of another and bringing them joy, is not the same fulfillment you get after buying yourself an item that you love and have had your eyes on for a long time.

The fulfillment I am talking about goes way deeper. It digs deep into your soul, warms your heart and gives you a purpose to live.

Live with a purpose.

With love,



3 thoughts on “Living made Easy.

    • Hi Dilip! Thank you for your very encouraging comment. It always warms my heart to know that someone at all, feels inspired by a sentence or any aspect of my writing:) I developed these ideal virtues by reflection..but more so by trying to constantly correct my flaws because no matter how far I go, there is always ALWAYS room for improvement.
      Life is too short really and I want to make every second and action count. I fail…many times. But, it is also because of such encouraging comments like yours that I get up and try harder to be better..and hopefully, inspire others and uplift them when they are down.
      It is so fulfilling to be able to bring light to others:)

      Thank you for reading my posts:) I wish you a lovely day…week…rest-of-the-year ahead. haha


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