Darkness and Light– Suffering and Hope

‘And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.’


Dear Reader,

The above statement from the Bible has always fascinated me.

By the way, I am not going to be preaching here in case you are worried about that.

I don’t read the Bible very much and honestly, I am probably one the worst examples anyone could follow with regards to being consistent in doing daily spiritual readings.

Anyway, my family members are of different religious faiths. As for myself, I have read up and studied the histories of different religions in my pursuit of finding the truth.

And I believe that there is much truth in each of them –aspects of truth from the different religions fascinate me and I love to reflect on them.

Yesterday, before heading to bed (lights were already turned off), I felt this strong impulse to dig out my Bible from under my stack of books to read something—just something so that I could do some thinking. Well, I obviously didn’t get up to turn the lights on but I just got my phone out and opened the Bible application.

And this verse caught my eye and heart and spirit and soul. Heck, It just held me in a reflective daze because I could connect very deeply with it.

Darkness and Light.

I wanted to share with you my reflection on these two very abstract concepts!

1) Firstly, there is a mention of how

Light shines in the Darkness—

Perhaps like how stars shine in the dark sky or like how the glow of the campfire shines so brightly in the dark night. But it goes much deeper than that.

Darkness represents suffering to me. When I feel low and buried in sorrow and depression, what keeps me going is hope. I see Light as the spark of hope that drives me through the dark alley.

There are many quotes that talk about how stars are the brightest when the sky is the darkest and how people who feel fraught with a very difficult life, thus, can have hope that they have the potential of being able to become the most resilient and brightest figures/inspiration!

Without the suffering that I had undergone, I would never have been able to become this tenacious.

When pain stealthily grips you, it is within your power to nurture tolerance so that you can further develop your strength–successfully being able to grasp PAIN back and shrug it off.

Pain is nature’s gift to you, to help you to grow much stronger.

Fight pain knowing that in darkness, you will always be blessed with that bright spark of hope within yourself. Sometimes, that hope is easy to find but sometimes, you will have to put in a little bit more effort to dig deeper. Then, you will discover it.

Hang in there.



2) Next, there is a mention of how

Darkness cannot comprehend Light.

Why is it that that Darkness cannot comprehend/understand/figure out Light??

What a strange phrase, I used to think. But, yesterday, I managed to ‘crack this code’.

Humans are blessed with this supernatural strength that is simply incomprehensible!

We are placed in difficult situations that we find impossible to deal with but somehow, we manage to get through them. Have you ever encountered moments like that?

You don’t necessarily have to conquer suffering but just being able to survive the extremely difficult day without ending your life, could sometimes be a victory that you need to give yourself some credit for doing.

The fact that Darkness cannot understand Light, reveals to me some sort of tension between both concepts.

A very exciting sort of tension that gives living a bit of an unpredictability!

This also means that when you are met with an impossible situation, you should never be too sure that the only path you’d be headed towards, is a path of defeat.

Sometimes (many at times), we underestimate our potential. We do not know our potential.

Keep pressing on because you have NO IDEA how powerful you actually are or could become.

Trust me on that;)

Soldier on,



4 thoughts on “Darkness and Light– Suffering and Hope

    • Thank you very much Michael:) it is heartwarming to hear your comments and I am glad that it was insightful to you in some way:)
      At least,I truly wish that what I write would hold some meaning to others 🙂
      Also, thank tou for supporting my writing. I look forward to reading more from you!!!

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  1. I completely agree with your opinion. We manage to get through difficult situations. As I read your post, I remembered one more quote, which is related. ‘Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise’ – by Victor Hugo.

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