A child in the corner

This is a short poem I wrote that describes a child crouched in a corner–helpless, in pain and unable to influence change on the situation in front of him.

It is written based on a recollection of my past memories.

‘A child in the corner’

A little child suffocates in a solitary corner,


Papa and Mama enraged, he is but


get me out of here he

whispers : 1

count, two counts. three &



Crisp slaps

Slice the tense moist air into

razor thin






6 thoughts on “A child in the corner

  1. Dear Ysabel,
    Thanks for stopping by at preciousrhymes.net and leading me to your world. This poem moved my heart to tears…when one can find their own tears and smiles in your words, you know you’ve done a truly wonderful job! God Bless and may you continue to write and shine!


    • Hi PreciousRhymes,

      It moved your heart to tears? That is lovely to hear because just today, I was praying that hopefully, my writing would move the hearts of others and some sort of good/thought-provoking,etc, might come out of it:) Because, I really want to write for a purpose. So, what you said really made my day!

      Thank you so much and please continue expressing your heart out on your blog because your words are laden with a sincerity that is so very refreshing!

      Looking forward to reading more of your works!!

      God bless you too:)

      Liked by 1 person

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