Hi reader,

I have never really had a penchant for clubbing. In the past, I used to feel slightly aloof from classmates who’d sprint to discounted clubs and enjoy drinks in the loud, colourful and enlivening atmosphere.

To them, clubbing, along with the resonant beats of the loud songs , was fun and a delightful escape from ‘reality’.

To me, the atmosphere was enstrangling, distracting and simply… offputting.

Today, I was listening to the same beats whilst a friend was partaking in a body combat class. I couldn’t focus on getting my work done on my laptop but

Somehow, I felt compelled to write this poem:


Pounding sounds that flood spaces around me,

Throbbing: strong, hard, rough and jagged. Them

beats whip me hard

and I struggle to break

free from ferocious

sounds  that strangle my soul.

Something about that glitz and spritz that repels


I turn away and sprint when others

Stay rooted, bouncing in hard strong rythm–

afloat in the thick black embrace of techno sludge.

Turned away from commonality,

Lost in my aloneness

Searching for the



but  the furthest from

unsettling: An

Un-noised silence within


(2nd December 2014)

I really do not mean to insult anyone who likes this sort of music and enjoys clubbing. Because, each man has his own likes and dislikes! 




8 thoughts on “Noise-less

  1. This is terrific Ysabel – I can certainly relate to this. There just seems to be a lot of noise, even within what many find to be great sounds and music. I’m often seen with a pained look on my face and my hands covering my ears… Some of those who love that kind of ‘noise’ just don’t understand those of us who are greatly disturbed by it. I certainly don’t mind anyone enjoying whatever sounds they want… I just don’t want to be there while they are doing it. Have a wonderful Sunday Ysabel and thank you for sharing this with us… As I sit here in my silence of the early morning… smiling.

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    • Hi Michael!

      Thank you for sharing your opinions with me! It is great to always hear from someone about what they think of what I have written you see! 🙂 I did have a wonderful Sunday. (It being night here) My Sunday had ups and downs but what was great was being able to have a peaceful contemplative walk:) Haha Glad you are smiling in the morning! Hope you find more beauty and peace during the day. Where are you from by the way?


      • I’m glad you had a good Sunday. Those peaceful walks can do wonderful things for the mind and the spirit. My day has begun just perfectly and hopefully will continue in that direction. I am in Arkansas, USA… Not necessarily my most desired place to live… but at least I’m smiling…

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      • How would you describe Arkansas in 3 different words if you could?:)
        I am not very familiar with all of the different states in USA.
        And…haha it is good that you are at least smiling:)


  2. Hmm… Describe Arkansas… Can’t do it in three words… Clear streams, rolling rivers, Mountainous in the north (big hills actually), mountainous in the south, woodlands, lots of wildlife, sparsely populated to the most part, seems to always remain several years behind the mainstream of the country. Where I currently reside produces one of the highest levels of boredom within the state… Okay… that’s just an opinion. If I could, I would move thirty five miles to the north and be perfectly contented dwelling on the top of one of those big hills, in the stillness of an uninhabited mountain top… Arkansas… nicknamed the natural state… The people are mostly pleasant unless you travel outside of your house… Okay, I’d better stop now before I get into the politics and various other obnoxious subjects. I appreciate your curiosity about it. How about your home? A much more desirable place to dwell I would hope.

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