Why should I Dream?



Dear Reader,

As the title of the post simply puts it forth straight out to you, I USED TO Dream.

As a kid, I was dreaming.

A painting by Franz Schrotzberg

A painting by Franz Schrotzberg

My mum would bring me to the library and get me to read books but I’d be walking around the place pretending that I was in a make-believe fantasy world—dreaming.  She thought I was never going to pick up a book.

Well, she was definitely wrong about that, haha.

At home, I was dreaming too as I transformed my house into ‘Neverland’ where pirates and mermaids existed. My life was an adventure because I chose to dream despite the hard realities of life.

As a teenager, I still dreamt.



School was a boring routine and I didn’t want to be caught up in a monotonous, hungry and pointless pursuit of memorizing work and acing my exams.

As a result, my friends probably wrote me off as ditzy.

But, it didn’t matter to me because I was Happy, cherishing the simple pleasures of life at my own pace.

As a young adult though, I had stopped dreaming.

When I myself got caught up in a host of problems and when I started to witness the suffering of my loved ones, reality had slowly started to sink in.

My dreams started turning into nightmares.



And literally, I stopped having ambitions for myself—I decided that I would just live by the moment and get through each day slowly and patiently.

Definitely, I gained strength by taking things step by step and building my endurance but this process ROBBED me of having beautiful dreams in life.

I told myself that if Life was going to end at some point in time (It could even end today),

Why should I plan for the future and dream big?

So, this sullen mindset started taking root within me and I spiralled into a slightly depressive state quite unknowingly. I was encouraging my friends and appeared to be an optimist in their eyes but as for myself, I was just …..existing.

An old bookmark that was gifted to me.

An old bookmark that was gifted to me.

Then today, as I was clearing up my cupboard, I found old paintings of mine that I had hidden away…old works of art and creative pursuits that I chucked aside, feeling dejected about life.

I also found this bookmark that says:

Dreams can come true.

And, my heart skipped with excitement for a second. I got slightly upset that I had buried away all my dreams. It was time to start dreaming again. So one might think…

Why should I dream anyway??

(1) Having a dream means that I have a focus. Even if life gets tough and challenges come my way..I don’t get caught offguard and veer off in a wrong direction.

(2) Rather, I would most likely do whatever it takes to overcome the challenge so that I can progress forward towards my dreams because I have a dream in front of me. I KNOW WHERE I AM HEADED.

And eventually, I am going to get there.

So , I encourage you to have a dream–no matter how impossible it might seem. After all, the impossibility factor is what builds the foundation of a dream!



Walk courageously towards your big dreams.

Even if you were stuck in quicksand, you’d TRY EVEN HARDER to get out of that situation because you have a dream to reach.

You have a bright light shining right in front of you. 

I once read that:

“Big dreams are the reasons why the world changes for the better. It’s the reason why there have been so many great inventions, and cures for diseases, etc.”

So, do promise me reader…whoever you might be and whatever difficult situation you might be caught in, you will set a great dream for yourself.

Join me as we walk together towards our dreams and live a purpose-driven life when every moment counts.

With love,



13 thoughts on “Why should I Dream?

  1. The dreams are important and it is good you have yours back.

    Heartfelt and eloquently delivered!

    There is nothing wrong with being in the moment. Many like to say, “what got you from here to there”. I like to say, “what got you from there to here”. Here is where you are, always. Here is in the moment. “There” is somewhat amorphous to what I call a mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    • HMMM. Your thoughts about being in the moment, are enlightening!
      Thank you for sharing them with me and also, even taking time to read my post:) I am glad that you found it heartfelt:)
      I wish you a lovely weekend ahead:)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a beautiful prose filled with poetic thoughts, and illustrated with nice pictures, and most of all ending on a positive note, …..it was really nice, keep up your spirits high so that we see many more such beautiful blogs like this ….because dreams come true…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh thank you so much Sandip!! 🙂 Your encouraging comments, fuel my writing and love to want to share my work with many others! I am glad you enjoyed reading the prose, as well as looking at the pictures:) Have a beautiful and peaceful weekend ahead!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Ysabel. I really do believe that being aware of each and every moment is key to having a rewarding life, as this is where we make our mark. However, I am very grateful for your words, because without dreams – or hope, I might say – living in the moment is not much use, because we’re not really living! Like most things, it’s about balance I think. Thank you again, please keep sharing your thoughts!


    • Hi Ben!
      I absolutey agree with you about how being aware of each and every moment,is key to having a rewarding life:)i really do! However, when I was writing this post about dreams, I got a little too excited that I forgot to mention that balance is necessary!! I can’t always be keeping my head in the clouds and being oblivious the the beauty of each real and passing moment:) so, I would like to thank you for your reminder:) thanks for reading and commenting too! I love how you brought up a differing viewpoint:) have a lovely Sunday!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your comments on the pictures:) Also, thank you for commenting on my posts because it stimulates discussion and can be very encoraging to me to keep on writing:)
      I just checked out your blog and really like the diversity of the material there:) Keep on writing as I look forward to reading more of your posts:)


  4. Another wonderful post Ysabel. I survived my childhood by dreaming and spending most of my time within my imagination. I never stopped dreaming and never tried to escape from my imagination… That’s why I love to write. And I’m very glad that you also love to write. You’ve enlightened my Sunday morning Ysabel… and I thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Michael!

      Thank you! I was just reflecting on this post of mine about dreaming…and I realized how I had forgotten to mention that apart from daring to dream, balancing dreams with living every moment of reality to its utmost fullest, is necessary to living well, I’d say:) Wow! It is good to find another who has survived childhood through a vivid imagination:) I am happy that you love to write because I surely love to read what you write!

      I am so honored that I have enlightened your Sunday morning because what I truly wish that I can do with my writings, is also to be able to uplift the spirits of others:) Thank YOU for making my day:)


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