Get personal with WhatsApp.

Hi Reader,

How was your Sunday?

I had a great Sunday but the best part of it was when I was listening to an inspirational audio clip as I was taking a peaceful stroll back home. I picked out a particular line from the little clip that I was listening to.

“Do something that you might possibly be afraid of every single day.”

When I first heard that, I thought to myself that in no way was I going to attempt to do something fearful…Even if I wanted to, I thought I would never push myself to do it. So, I comfortably skipped over that bit of advice.

Then, I got home.

A friend of mine had sent me an audio clip.

It was a slightly long one that lasted for more than a minute.

He spoke to me in the clip about different topics, in response to my previous message, when we would have usually just…messaged on whatsapp. Like a conversation that somehow just came to life! The audio clip ended with a question of how my day had been.

I don’t know if you are used to communicating frequently via whatsapp’s audio function…but I am not comfortable with it.

I felt that I could hide behind an imaginary plane when I text messaged. Sending an audio message,would make me feel vulnerable and I was too self-conscious to want to do that.

So, I stood there staring at my phone confused...happy that I had received an enlightening message from my friend but slightly upset because I didn’t want to push past my fear and reply with an audio message.

Why was I so unnecessarily afraid?

After all, I had just met this friend a couple of days ago and we had a heartfelt conversation over tea so what was so scary about sending audio messages to my friends on WhatsApp?

Taken from pinterest.

Taken from pinterest.

Then, somehow, the warrior inside of me decided to take center stage and I summoned up my courage to click on the audio button and just….


Even if I hadn’t planned this audio clip and didn’t know what I was going to say. And I released the button, allowing the audio clip to speed off into the immortal world of social media.

(Breathes out heavily)

How was I feeling?

I was actually feeling so pumped up and proud of myself. The next thing I did was to send audio messages to my friends from different countries (The friends whom I had originally been texting).

– To those who were feeling very low, I tried to cheer them up with a comforting message.

-To those whom I hadn’t spoken to for ages, I tried to revive our memories by sending them a more personal voice message instead of slightly more boring text message.

And, I begun receiving audio message responses from them! It felt like we had traversed geographical boundaries to meet one another mid-air in this illusory unseen world. But, it felt GREAT.

Nevertheless, apart from letting you know how I find this function in WhatsApp absolutely fun and enlivening, my other aim of this post was to try and..

Convince you that it might indeed be useful to at times, push yourself to do something you might usually fear doing!

Getting out of your comfort zones might be a little scary at first but the rush of joy and confidence that comes thereafter, is INDESCRIBABLE.

Cheers to a lovely week ahead,



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