Cookie meets Milk


Dear Reader,

I know it has been a while since I have blogged– I have been caught up in a fluster of emotions, perhaps slightly paralyzed by them.

Anyway, this idea of writing a poem based on a cookie and milk, suddenly popped up in my mind. I was not having a glass of milk or cookies at that point of time and neither was I craving for any!

Nevertheless, sometimes, when a distant idea makes an unexpected appearance into the sphere of our mind, I would suggest that we welcome it warmly rather than turn away from it in ignorance–whether it is an unpleasant or pleasant one.

The poem below is just a tiny little musing of mine that delves into the brief dynamics of a pretty unhealthy relationship. I suppose there are many ways to interpret this poem. Have a read and it would be great to know what you make of it!

Cookie and Milk

The Cookie was happy that he always tasted and felt

so good with Milk.

But in that blinding happiness—He

failed to realize that

Every time he was dunked into


he disintegrated and lost his identity whilst the

Milk grew more flavourful

and Strong—tis was a tasty &

Damaging kin-


With love,



3 thoughts on “Cookie meets Milk

  1. Euphemisms, euphemisms, euphemisms … said the spider to the fly

    I can see a number of different imagery relations. All that would be personal to the reader. In the moment, all I can say, its been a long winter.

    Nice provocative piece!

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