The blinking red light

Hi Reader,
I am not going to give you much of an overview about this poem because it would be better if you read it and took your own interpretations to it.
However, I can tell you that as I was staring at the blinking red light on my mother’s laptop that sat alone on an empty table in a room, I was reminded of a beating heart.
I realized that one day, our heartbeat will have to stop..just like how the flickering light on the laptop will have to stop beeping when the device loses its battery life.
Technological devices may grow obsolete..but each human life should never grow out-of-date.
The special memory of each person should be cherished and be allowed to live on through time.
Here is a poem I wrote that dwells on a few of these ideas:

[return]ing red light

FullSizeRender (4)

I apologize that I have to use a BIG image to get my poem through instead of being able to type it out normally on wordpress. The formatting on wordpress is messed up and it doesn’t allow me to leave line spaces in between my sentences. Without line spacing, the meaning of my poem is lost so I opted to use an image instead.
Hope you have enjoyed this slightly experimental poem. Do leave your comments or advice:)
With love,

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