Wake up this Christmas!


Hi Reader,

While most people are immersed in Christmas preparations, I guess I get to stand aside and observe it all. Times have changed.

I no longer would expect to see a Christmas tree at home or the visual decorative spectacle that accompanies the festival of Christmas time and time again year after year. 

I am not complaining but I guess I am just grateful that every person has a mind and heart of her/his own and no matter what happens in their surroundings (good or bad) ,  one’s personal dreams..thoughts and ideas can always be planted and conceived within oneself. Nobody can steal those away.

Here is a poem that I wrote especially for this year’s Christmas:

There is a hole in his heart. Yes, a

space in which Mary could lay baby

Jesus in.  A sacred spot—My Body is

a Temple of God.

There is an emptiness in her eyes. Yes,

worldly glitter that freezes her

Conscience. A lustrous pursuit held her

numb but when she parted ways with Pride,

humble servitude set her free.

There is darkness in this world. Yes, an

evil that corrupts the human flesh. But light a

fire in your heart–ignite the flame of Hope.


And thou shalt rejoice in the Peace of

The Lord.

Whether you are feeling awesome or sullen at this moment, I guess what I would like to tell you is to dig deep within yourself..

This Christmas–ponder over this:

Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles. It just takes extra effort to take notice of them

Merry Christmas in advance my dearest readers:)

With love,



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