My Fear of Time



Dear Readers,

It has been about a month since I have posted on this website. This January, I had retreated to a peaceful place to get some fresh air, to reflect and to savour the simple things in life. The past month, I have also been having a few doubts if I should still keep this blog public or if I should start up another blog.

Nevertheless, I have made a decision:

The Daily Cognitive is staying and I want to carry on with writing more posts.

Now, back to the topic of my fear of time.

Yes, I do spend a fair amount of time pondering over Life. 

Time is what life is made up of.

But the idea of living within Time, really scares me. Time is finite. The amount of time that I have to live, is unknown.

As I force myself to sleep, I realize that every idle moment I spend tossing and turning around in bed or looking through social media applications in an attempt to tire my eyes so that I can sleep means that more time is passing by..  How I spend my time is a choice that I make..a choice that is irreversible.

The time that has passed is never going to return. I cannot buy it back even if I were the richest man alive.

Time is a resource distributed equally to us regardless of our social status, ethnicity or income.

We are progressively moving forward as age catches up with our every breath, frown and smile.

Moving forward towards….


If Death is what I am moving towards, I find it difficult to live just knowing that I have quite an unwelcoming end that is inevitable.



So, I pray for faith in believing that Death is indeed not a dark pit that I will never be able to climb out of. I pray for faith to believe that Death could be a doorway to eternity–one that is much sweeter than this temporary life on earth.

And if my every action and decision in this life had some purpose, effect or ability to navigate me  to that bright and hopeful doorway of a beautiful eternity, I might just let go of my restlessness, worry and fear to start ‘living’ with a purpose.

I would like to carry out even my mundane chores with a purpose–to work to the best of my abilities and talents (which I believe are a gift from God. Each one of us has been gifted with different interests)

I would like to build the constant awareness within myself that I should not take time for granted because it is indeed a very scarce resource.

The Time that I lose, is never going to come back to me.

But then again, what I cherish, will never be lost.

I wish everyone a meaningful and blessed New Year ahead!


4 thoughts on “My Fear of Time

    • Oh thank you very much !:) I am really happy and thankful to hear those words:)
      Please keep writing your very captivating and thought provoking poems. I have to say it takes much discipline to do what you have been doing over long periods of time. 🙂 All the best to you for the year ahead too!

      Liked by 1 person

      • “Lagay raho” is an Urdu phrase roughly translated as “keep at it” (the Urdu one is more potent), and indeed grit can take its toll. But what to do? 🙂
        Hope to see your poems up in cyberspace soon 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha:) Thank you for sharing that phrase with me. Lagay raho 🙂 Definitely.
        When grit takes a toll, it is encouragement like that of what you gave me, that keeps me going! I most definitely look forward to your poems too. Thank you and have a lovely week:)

        Liked by 1 person

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