Lonely Sparkle

A painting by Edward Munch

A painting by Edward Munch

Dear Readers,

Here is a poem about loneliness– when you are forced to stand up for a faith that you believe so strongly in, and when everyone else around you (especially those closest to you) denies and opposes your set of beliefs, your thoughts and your subsistence.

Lonely Sparkle

Your gracious hand caressed my soul,

my mind, my weary eyes of coal.
A curse so foul–
I’d never thought it’d keep me low.
Why Child, my precious doe-eyed
lamb. Take courage, walk albeit
A lonely path. A match in the dark–that
One source of light.
A cactus in barren land. Not a sky full of
stars but one star. No voice, but bright!
What a treason:
To strip me off a faith that harms you not, but
Faith is unseen. It’s an
Evidence of hope for a plan:
To humble the proud and en-
Lighten men.
29th January 2015


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