10 minutes per day

1953 painting found on Pinterest

1953 painting found on Pinterest

Hi everyone,

I have been in such a flurry lately. Being caught up in a flurry tends to make me less aware of the many important moments that make up my day.

I let each day slip by so fast and almost carelessly. Whether I let it go or not, the day is after all going to slip by.

Nevertheless, if I become more aware of the happenings around me, I feel that I can at least hold onto the beautiful moments.

Even by holding onto the not very beautiful moments, I provide myself the opportunity to reflect on them and perhaps, make changes to what went wrong so that I could work towards a corrective path.

Hence, I opened up a Microsoft Word document and told myself that at the end of every day, I would spend ten minutes to think about what I was happy and proud of during the day, as well as what left me disappointed at myself.

I feel that I always have room to grow and want to build that awareness within me that although I am prone to making mistakes or unconsciously slipping into fallible traits of human nature, I also have the strength  to build a conscious realization of my weaknesses so that I could attempt correcting them at timely moments.

Hopefully, I can keep up the consistency with my 10 minute reflection!

Cheers to a beautiful weekend.

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