Why approach Gingerly?

FullSizeRender (6)Ginger

I simply love ginger. It has got to be my favourite ingredient. As I was chewing on  slices of raw ginger today whilst sipping on a cup of warm water, I felt my throat sting. A painfully pleasurable moment. Guess it was time I got my feelings about Ginger into a poem. Hope you enjoy the poem.

‘Why go gingerly with Ginger?’

There is something about Ginger.

Chewing on strong,raw ginger is but painfully pleasurable;

A big gulp of ginger ale stings but once the bubbling rush is down,

the mind awakens.

As the smell of fresh ginger cookies infiltrate the stagnant atmosphere,

a comforting cup of ginger milk tea settles itself beside the tray of golden ginger morsels: Oh,

What a congruous affair!

A bite from the cookie and I am chewing on candied ginger,

The sugar so seductively masks a pungent core.

But if you are going for Ginger,

Why approach gingerly?

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