Sun Summons

 A painting from pixshark.

A painting from pixshark.

My blog has been pretty passive lately. After beginning work a couple of weeks ago and having had an important guest over for a few weeks at my home, I have been trying to find a balance between work and life.

Today, the sun was shining through the windows–its rays stretching gently upon my sister. It had been a difficult day.

My sister suggested that we should write a poem each about the sun and keep it within ten lines. I had never read any poem that my sister had ever written before and was quite anxious for this. We read our poems out to one another. It was a a cathartic moment and a much cherished time that we had this Easter.

Here is the poem I wrote about the Sun:

Merriment strode through windows of

Hurt. Entwine my

Sore limbs with a hopeful grasp: Ambiguous

but surely so

radiant and sturdy. My sun,

dear son—oh what a sum of the summits

that hide a hidden

light that struggles so surely. It summons

the wreck of a wretch I once


After which, I asked my sister to read out the poem that she had written, to me. It went like this:

The sun

Oh how it makes em’ run

afraid of a little light

they truly have no might

Gives me strength when I’m weak

I don’t think I’ll turn the other cheek

This battle is mine to win

and the sun’s my next of kin.

I hope that you had a lovely weekend and that I will be writing soon.


The Daily Cognitive

2 thoughts on “Sun Summons

    • haha yes. Mindful ignorance can be wise at times. What I am also trying to do is to train myself to wake up much earlier to find some peace in the quiet silence of the morning.
      Thank you and it is good to be reading your lovely works too:)

      Liked by 1 person

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