Dear readers,

I have always felt misunderstood by people. It is tough to get along with the people closest to me because we are so different. Today, I just lost it and walked away. There was too much pressing down upon me–work, responsibilities, insecurities. I was and probably still am a mess. The only thing that could help me maintain my sanity is writing. Here is a short cathartic poem. I named it ‘Outcast’.

Fathomed, it was not. I always
suffocate my breath whilst breathing lest
I upset those around me.
Unheard, a pin of an illusion punctuates:
Bloated dreams are



12 thoughts on “Outcast

  1. Real good! I disagree too! You didn’t lose it you did great and beyond that you did the big person thing. It was getting to you and you walked away. Luckily no one followed you.

    Further you took your angst to a constructive and cathartic place.


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