Dangerous daze

Hi Readers,

We are now heading towards the end of April. This week, I have been thinking quite avidly about an uneasy dinner I once had with a friend of mine.I am not sure if it was just me or whether we both felt that it was slightly uneasy.

I am not very good at reading people.

Sometimes, it gets slightly awkward having dinner in a cozy restaurant with a male friend.

I always avoid long eye contact.

Some people: I can stare right into their eyes and feel absolutely unmoved.

However, when it came to this friend–

I couldn’t maintain eye contact for I feared that I’d

fall a little too deep into an emotional whirlpool.

Here is a quick poem describing the situation.

Painting by pino daeni

Painting by pino daeni

‘Dangerous daze’

You are a table away from me but

A trembling weight in my chest is drawn to your

Warm presence ,oh a traction is gripping–

My eyes fight not to look into yours for fear of


All ears but I tell my heart to turn back,

A painful journey it would be to step

Forward. Spare me:

Serenity is an


Unruly black tresses of hair falling down the sides of my face. Curls that spiral

Down. Engine on headstrong, helmet



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