Contemplation, Cake, A Cuppa


Hi Readers,

Just a day ago, a restlessness was biting into me and I decided to get down to creating a group on Facebook for the public, to appease my tense mind.

The idea of the group was to organize slightly impromptu but meaningful meetings over cake and tea/coffee with people from different walks of life.  To get like-minded strangers together to share their perspectives and experiences with regards to different topics, so that we’d be able to sit together and have enlightening conversations.

Also, I was hoping that through this venture, I’d be able to meet people who would go the extra mile to raise awareness of controversial social issues with me and to effect change.

Please feel free to join this group (whether you are located in Singapore or in another part of the world). Whether we physically meet over a cuppa or whether we meet over a Skype conversation, every meeting is precious and has transformative value to making a positive difference in the world.

Here is the link:


The Daily Cognitive

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