Hopeless Facade

Dear Readers,

I am in the midst of an internal emotional battle. It is becoming difficult to find a resolution with the past or to try and be hopeful about reaching my dreams. It has been slightly challenging to have the courage to dream up these dreams.

So, this poem that I have written is a quick convoluted summation of my mind at this point of time. It is called “Hopeless Facade”

Painting by Don Michael

Painting by Don Michael

“Hopeless Facade”

Demise not bring uponeth me grief of any sort.

Sought, I did, for hope in men,

To trust in gaudy facades once more—was an unthinkable


Tremble in rage wishing for an expiry date to stop feeling terrible but

None will come:  No more parades,

grandeur and

meaningless significance.

8 thoughts on “Hopeless Facade

  1. Your poem is lovely, but I can feel your confusion. Turn it over to the Lord in prayer. He has promised to erase all your past mistakes and will be with you forever. Trust in Him. I will pray for you as well.


  2. Here is Faiz in a similar mood – so you are in eminent company :
    zabt ka ehd bhi hai shauq ka paimaaN bhi hai
    ehd-o-paimaaN se guzar jaanay ko jee chahta hai

    dard itna hai ke har rug may hai mehshar barpa
    aur sukooN aisa ke marjaanay ko jee chahta hai.

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